Which applicator should I use?

We like to give you choices. Pick the one you prefer:

Precision Tip Applicator
Sure grip treads provide better control of the bottle. The extended no-clog tip gets into corners and tight spots easily.

Gel Applicator
This is a no-clog, self-piercing nozzle that makes opening the tube a breeze.

Pen Applicator
Now you can have pinpoint accuracy for delicate tasks. No excess drips, no mess. Simply press the tip to release a controlled drop on your surface.

Brush Applicator
Provides excellent surface coverage that's easy to control on large surfaces and in hard to reach areas.|

Tube Applicator
A reusable container keeps out light and moisture. This helps the product last longer. The base serves as a stand for the glue tube while your using it.

Single Use Tubes
Every tube holds the perfect amount for that one fast fix. It’s easy to store or take with you. The Glue stays fresh in the tube until you need it.

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