How do I remove Krazy Glue® from my counter tops?

Krazy Glue can be removed with acetone. Acetone is the key ingredient in most nail polish removers. You can also find acetone at your local hardware or paint store. Apply the solvent to a paper towel and place it on the stain until the glue has softened. The softened glue can then be removed with a clean dry towel. Always test the solvent on an inconspicuous area first to check for discoloration or compatibility issues.

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How do I remove Krazy Glue from my plastic glasses lens?

Krazy Glue can be removed with acetone. However, acetone is a pretty powerful solvent and can damage some types of plastic. read more

What do I do if my fingers get stuck?

Don't worry. Just soak acetone or ordinary nail polish remover containing acetone on the bonded area. read more