How can I prolong the useful life of my Krazy Glue® tube?

Water vapor is the catalyst that activates the Krazy Glue bond. Since moisture is present in the air at all times, an open tube of Krazy Glue will "cure" very quickly. To prolong the useful life of your tube, always replace the cap immediately. You may also consider Single-Use Packages containing 0.5 grams of Krazy Glue so you can use each tube once and throw it away.

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How is Krazy Glue different from ordinary glue?

The traditional white glue you used in elementary school works by filling in the microscopic pores on surfaces and forming a latex bond. read more

Is there anything Krazy Glue can’t bond?

Though it works with most, Krazy Glue cannot bond all materials. For best results, please do not use on paper, foam, rear view mirrors, polyethylene... read more